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Worldwide Debut Out NOW!!

"Ignite (Fire)" - Single release

An inspiring Millenium Rock Anthem

Like a Phoenix we shall rise

from the ashes of the former,

and Ignite something new.

"I'm tired of sitting in one place, 

 I'm tired of trying to save face,

 I'm tired of losing what I love,

 Just let the dogs of war run..."

Who We Are?

Our Mission is to bring Healing to the Hurt and Grieving; Rest to the Tired so they can be Renewed; and Community to those seeking to Belong.


What is to come?

Medicine the Man will release 5 singles throughout 2024. The music is just the start. We plan to build a community around healing and rest so that each of us can do what we were created to do and be the light for a world gone dark.

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