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Photo by Paul Raymond

I would classify myself as an American Troubadour, a story-teller. I have lived a life full of surprises and if I told you everywhere I've been, well, you'd have to listen to the music to find out all of that. I create music because I believe I was created with that purpose in mind, it is a part of my identity, it was woven into my soul before I was aware of it. When I write it becomes therapy for me, but also with the intention that something I can sing will help you get through your day or season of life. I have many loved ones gone on before me, I have battled addiction, divorce, and business failure, but that doesn't define me, it energizes me, it's made me resilient. It's helped me to create the life that I want to live and not be subject to anything; to put less stock in the material and reach for something much more eternal. I hope when you listen you are reminded that you are loved exactly as you are, right where you are. Let's chase down this dream together!

- Nate Jones

On The Road

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*Apart from his solo projects, Jones has been a part of the acoustic duo Athens Creek as a vocalist, guitarist, and band manager. He has run open mics in southeast Michigan to help build individual's talents and allow a place for local musicians to network. He has been involved in many community charity events like Relay for Life, MiLife Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness, Support the Troops, and local church outreaches.


Nate Jones has performed thousands of events in backyards, basements, sandwich and coffee shops, bars, restaurants, stage venues and festivals across the United States. Whether he is performing solo, duo, or with a full band, expect a great show, full of fun, witty banter, and exceptionally performed music.


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